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Timeless elegance, femininity and sophistication.
A foulard aka granny’s most precious heirloom, the most versatile garment you could ever pin on your wardrobe, the best way to
dress to impress but make it effortless and The accessory that NEVER EVER has to be gifted.
From ’60s icons Audrey and Jaqueline to the contemporary Leandra, the foulard has been the most tied, overturned, crumpled, creased, pleated, (stop, breathe) and so on and so forth garment of all times.

Foulard in Modern French, British English says kerchief, the word etymology refers to the collusion of two Old French terms: ‘couvrir’ (to cover) and ‘chief’ (head), to create cuevrechief, then kerchef, kerchief today.

To cover up one’s head and protect it from sun, wind, the hairdresser masterpiece or still to elegantly hide an imperfect hairstyle.

A foulard is an extremely personal and individual garment, worn to identify one’s style, tastes and mostly one’s daily mood. Is it monochromatic or eccentric and iper- coloured, everyone does necessarily have to choose it for oneself.

According to one’s mood, weather conditions or better the instant impulse, it has to strike like a love dart, give the imprinting with butterflies in the stomach, make one’s eyes blink and light up. Only who dared to buy one can understand the feeling.

The choosing ceremony could be both instantaneous or by contrast extremely long and heartbreaking, the most important thing is that at the end, one feels identified and complementary to the colours palette.

NEVER EVER gift a foulard should be a chocolates box sentence, a motto or common saying, whatever it takes to grow, moltiplicate, expand and spread until the final popular eradication.

Eventually, gifting someone with such a garment is an hazard, an hitless sharada, a brakeless ice skate, a thesis with no Ctrl + S. Unless one’s has the deepest addressee knowledge, of course, but mmm..really hard, so please, avoid, make long and well outstretched steps, and most of all HANDLE WITH CARE.

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