Once upon a time…

It was an early spring morning, sun rays embracing the fresh new breeze were pervading each corner of the city and an acoustic guitar was playing that kind of sweet melody that made you swing by and have a look to whatever could catch you and unconsciously divert you from a normal yet routine promenade towards the coffee shop. 

On one side of the main square, a tiny cozy flower stall was brimming with blossoms, leaves and small plants which colours looked to me like swinging ballerinas dressed up in soft and vaporous frills and froths. 

Red poppies, blue carnations and amaranthine pansies harmoniously blent with calla leaves, tulips and exotic orchids like water lilies did on Monet palette.

It was the perfect time with the perfect light and the perfect atmosphere, the perfect breeze was rubbing its back upon the dark grey cobblestoned and the perfect scent was delicately spreading in the air; I wish time could stop, I wish my eyes could blink and take a multi sensorial picture of that perfect morning, I wish I could live the full moment, put that feeling in one of my memory outer drawers, keep that perfume in a bottle, and so I did. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and let the moment pervade each little and insignificant part of me.

I wish you were right there, with me, ecstatically standing in front of and at the same inside of my perfectly crystallised moment of being. 

I am a graphic designer, I play with colours and my only power is to make art through hues, shapes and brushstrokes. 

I am the creator of OREQUO’s bucolic Baccano Collection and this is my gift for you. 






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