The male accessory that gives a touch of style to your outfit

The pocket square has been born as a functional accessory and over the years has become an icon of masculine elegance and cares for details.

It originated in ancient Egypt: the people who lived around the Nile used small red bandages as a symbol of wealth. These little pieces of fabric are considered the first example of a tissue accessory.

In the Middle Ages, on the other hand, French noblewomen usually held a perfumed handkerchief near their face to withstand the unpleasant smells of that era. Frequent use and ever more constant exposure made it a real style element over time.

But how to wear the pocket square perfectly?

In the case of a formal occasion, the pocket square is strictly white, folded square, and always in a different fabric from that of the tie.

A square predominately white with either a colored edging or light pattern instead is a good choice for an elegant look in business environments.

If you choose to go for a more vibrant pattern with your suit, the more formal etiquette would be to go for a plainer pocket square design to provide balance.

On more casual occasions, bright patterns and high-contrast colors are allowed, giving free rein to creativity.

The pocket square color normally depends on the color or the pattern of the tie. A plain colored pocket square should always be combined with decorative motifs tie with or vice versa.

And if you don’t wear the tie, in that case, nuances can invoke the shades of the shirt or the suit.

So, remember, the pocket square must be in harmony with the rest of the colors you wear, so it's okay to match the color of the tie or shirt and create a harmonious context, but you must never use the same color or the same pattern.

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