Orequo at the White Show in Milan

The opening of the doors of the White salon in Milan is approaching, the main showcase during the Italian fashion week for the collections of women’s clothing and accessories. The fair of fashion crafts and new trends attracts a wide audience of experts in the sector and employees who, from the 22nd to the 25th of February, will be hovering among emerging designers and stylists in the exhibition locations of via Tortona. Inside the fair, during the February 2019 edition, a special project will be presented highlighting the value of craftsmanship and the quality of workmanship techniques. Behind this project, called Daily Loose, the will to communicate a current and multi-faceted style, which emphasizes the aesthetic refinement and ease of portability of clothing and accessories, combining the multiplicity and diversity of trends, genres and target. The spaces dedicated to the project will be inside the fascinating area of ​​Tortona 31 | Opificio, identifying for national and international buyers because once in the area there were crafts and manufacturing activities, a space where artisan traditions remained in ‘air.

Inspired by the fairy world of Alice in Wonderland, from the Fantasticheria Collection

Orequo has been selected to participate in the White Show Milano and, for the occasion, will present two new collections of silk foulards, Muse and Maschere, united by the same fil rouge, a journey to discover the female figure, the vision of the woman as muse , inspirer and protector, but also mask, archetype and symbol. Then emerges, among the creations of the brand, the new flagship product, the double silk stole on one side and cashmere on the other, proposed in three collections: PittureBaccano and Fantasticheria. The first is inspired by the artistic movement of abstractionism and the second takes up ancient medieval zoomorphic miniatures on a floral background in an Art Nouveau style. On the other hand, Fantasticheria chooses its protagonists among the characters of fairy tales, entrusting to Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland, the Wizard of Oz and the Book of the Jungle the suggestions of dreamlike atmospheres. Next to the textile accessories is then proposed an object belonging to the world of eyewear, which also contains within it the concept of the brand: melting the past, the chest of inspiration, with the present, expression of creativity. For this reason even the Medioeva sunglasses find their place, provided with a shape that recalls the ancient reading frames, with decisive and modern Cubist-inspired outlines.

Female model wearing the Clio foulard dedicated to one of the Muses of ancient mythology

Orequo would like to bring into the event the idea of ​​a fashion object as a true and proper artistic narration; the accessories presented by the brand are in fact illustrated silk plates in which elements of the past are combined with a strong cultural component. For some collections, the creative process starts from those that originally were ancient paintings and prints, then interpreted in a completely personal way and transposed into new graphic works, characterized by fascinating and fun shapes and colors, with a contemporary flavor. For other collections, instead, real illustrations are generated starting from words and scenes in a book, stories of travels or other passions. The resulting foulards and stoles are surprising for the strong visual impact obtained thanks to an exclusive work of creative reworking conducted through the unexpected association of graphic elements and the fusion with a palette of bright and vibrant colors. The clothing accessories made by Orequo are designed to give the opportunity to tell one’s own personality and, therefore, intended to be worn in every occasion of daily life.

The fine research work and the imaginary from which all the Orequo creations start are perfectly combined with the craftsmanship and the excellence of the materials and workmanship in full respect of the Made in Italy tradition and, for this reason, the brand goes very well with the philosophy of the Daily Loose project within White. The stories of the past and the colors of the present of Orequo will be present at the Showroom in via Tortona 31.

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