Orequo presents Carneval Caos: a collection full of prints with a strong personality

This year Orequo will be present at the Altaroma Showcase on February 2 with its new summer collection, "Carneval Caos".
The collection has also been selected to participate to the Rome Fashion week organized by Altaroma in the Cinecittà studios in Rome on Friday 4 February.
This is the first Orequo fashion show that debuts on the catwalk with a collection completely outside the usual brand's canons.

The "Carneval Caos" collection arises from the transformation of the natural elements represented in the "Maschere" scarf collection. Colombina, Arlecchina, Corallina and Silvia reborn in the ready to wear prints, with ornamental and dynamic lines that recall the liberty style.

The overlapping of figures and colours design full and lively images, almost chaotic that bring the imagination to create its own story on each print. In this way, every garment adapts to every personality or to the “mask” we want to wear.

The elegant decorative style and the gentle, sinuous lines of the harmoniously braided succession of elements make every item unique and feminine. Finally, the elegant notes of the collection are combined with bright and contrasting colours, to give an exotic and eccentric touch that projects us towards a summer full of style and originality.


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