Sparkling Christmas holidays!

Christmas is the period of the year in which family reunites, creating a happy and carefree atmosphere. Disagreements and daily problems are set aside for a few days, and one thinks of celebrating and rejoicing together. In this period there is a magical atmosphere that involves both children and adults. All streets and houses light up and dress in elegance.

The city of London brighted by the Christmas decorations

Red, gold and silver are the colors that dominate every year, the evergreen for these holidays, both as decorations and in clothing. But are we sure that they are the only colors suitable for these days of the year? If we wanted to be more original and dare more, would we be out of place?
Of course not! The watchword is not to fear, but rather risk and let go, on the other hand, which place is more suitable to express yourself if not in the family?

Female model wearing a Christmas outfit

Have fun with fancy shirts for him, or with very colorful silk skirts for her. This season has been imagined by designers as full of colors and patterns, cheerful and sparkling, not monochromatic and boring. If you do not want to exceed, limit yourself to some more original accessories, a pocket square or a scarf can change and make a look more lively.
For example, Orequo proposes, for the male look, various collections of very colorful pocket squares that can be combined with a blue, anthracite or burgundy suit. Whether you are more classic or more extravagant, you will find the right accessory for you!

Four pocket squares belonging to the Quattro Stagioni Collection of Orequo inspired by the four seasons of the year

For the woman, instead, the latest collection of foulards can enrich any outfit. Urbana is suitable both for those who express themselves with more innovative clothing, and for those who choose a more traditionalist one.
If you do not have an accessory like this and if Santa Claus has already passed for the gifts, grant your wish and make yourself a special gift!

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