Folding a pocket square will not be so difficult anymore

They say that “The pocket square for a man is like a bag for a woman: it must never be missing”

But wearing a pocket square in the right way is not easy, it needs some indications. As we described the ideal combinations in the last article, this time we will show you how the art of folding the handkerchief is not so unapproachable.

The way of folding it changes according to the occasion: if you chose to wear a nude or light-colored suit, a pocket square with patterned fabric and deeper hues, like the “Rainbow Symphony” pocket square from our “Pitture” collection, perhaps folded with a winged puff, will give personality and elegance to your outfit.

While a pocket square with a more neutral shade, like “Inverno” from our “Quattro Stagioni” collection in the crown fold, will definitely stand out if you want to wear a darker-colored jacket.

We have selected the 7 best pocket square folds to reveal how easy could be to emerge with style.

Before reading remember: the pocket squares must be rigorously ironed!



The straight or presidential fold is the simplest fold to make, leaving only a small strip of cotton or silk sticking out of the pocket.

This is definitely the perfect pocket square fold to be bold in terms of styling and you can use it for any type of look: it is suitable for suits with black tie, because it adds a discreet touch to more formal dresses, and for everyday casual use, you can try with pocket squares with a simple design or muted color to look effortlessly elegant.



The important thing to say about this folding technique is that it’s classy, not too flashy, and timeless.

It could be used for many different types of events: from weddings, and social parties, to formal business functions. The one-point pocket square fold can help you get away with trendy patterns and bright colors to match the festive vibe of the event.



A two-point pocket square fold offers a symmetrical touch on your outfit. It is perfect for playing down even the most formal business suits. It is one of the boldest folds, but because it always remains neat and precise, it is also great for elegant events or in the office.



The three-peak fold is considered a more formal type of pocket square style. This may seem to be a fancier version of the two-point fold.

This is a folding technique easy and quick to realize and gives a strong visual impact. The rigid and symmetrical positioning of the points makes it seem the pocket square is a three-peaked mountain.

Perfect for business and formal social events.



It’s quite similar to the three-point fold, but the crown fold pocket square has a prominent middle part and slightly diagonal points at the side which give an image of a real crown.

Because of its flashy appearance, it’s important that it will be the only focal point of the whole get-up. So, it’s better to pair it up with a shirt, suit, trousers, or other accessories more neutral. In this manner, the whole outfit will not look too excessive.



The puff pocket square is undeniably one of the simplest and quickest way of folding a pocket square without compromising the formality of the look.

It’s a type of pocket square fold to wear every day: patterned for weddings and formal business events, neutral for office days.



The winged puff pocket square fold features a diamond-shaped crest with two impeccable and elegant lines folds running down the center, dividing the diamond crest in the middle. Fabrics made out of satin and silk will work best for this kind of fold.

It could seem like the tringle pocket square fold, but his hybrid style is undeniably unique, highly compact, and elegantly chic.

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