The inspiration and the pattern creation of the new SS22 collection


Carnival Caos is the new SS22 collection presented on the runway on the 4th of February during the Rome Fashion week organized by Altaroma.

But where do the prints, the main characters of this summer, come from?

Like the previous collections, Orequo starts from its silk scarves collections, which form the canvas for illustrations and stories.

In this case, it all begins with the “Maschere” collection, which tells about the traditional “Comedy of the profession” of the XVI century, known abroad as “Italian Comedy”. This form of popular theatre was revolutionary because it introduced the presence of women on the stage. For this reason, 4 scarves have been created to celebrate 4 feminine masks: Colombina, Silvia, Arlecchina, and Corallina.

These scarves are full of natural and graphic elements extracted and transformed to create new shapes and patterns.

Liberty style inspiration has meant that the overlapping of different figures recreates stained glass windows, rich in details that design energetic appearance with a strong personality.

With this method, each pattern is unique, even if the same scarf elements are present.

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