The world in an ancient shop

Spring is coming, first warm and sunny days. And, given the summer collection of scarves, which is inspired by and tells of ancient crafts, now forgotten, we had already decided the title, "The ancient shops of Bologna". A tour through the alleys to rediscover our tradition, a tribute to the city where the brand was born. But, at this moment, even if the days are sunny, but definitely different from those that occurred over the past springs, we decided to write a few words about the meaning of the idea of ​​the shop to us, an undisputed historical value and for all to see.

Because we imagine "the shop" as much more than a working or commercial activity, we imagine it as a house, an extension of one's home, a safe place where every little corner is a memory, sweat, but also a dream and passion. Because thinking about it, the shop reminds us of a welcoming environment, that feeling of intimacy and family warmth. Those places where you looked out the door for a greeting and went in just for a chat. Those jumble of objects, of which some people also struggled to understand the meaning, but which seemed a thousand and one inventions or treasures kept inside a treasure chest. In these rooms everything, even if not in order, even if not thought of, even if not studied, seems to be perfectly and magically combined. An old greenish-colored bottle with an illegible label that was not even a Harry Potter potion, bottles of inks and paints reminiscent of sealing wax for arcane seals, ruined and rusty tin boxes that look like caskets, small parts and junk that look more like amulets ... Those places where ideas were born, creative ones, those of the mind and those of the heart.

Small rooms, almost cramped, but which were entire world.

For participating to the first fair we met with a bookbinder. We had to print and put an important cover on our catalog and they had directed us to this laboratory - to date the bookbinding is halfway between a library and a copy shop, visited for the most part by university students who need to have their thesis packed  - this, however, was already visible from the entrance which was one of those "once upon a time" style shops. Upon entering, the smell of paper and the smell of glue, like that of the stamps - which then, the stamps did not smell, but when you had to lick them to stick them to a letter or a postcard that bitter taste evidently went up to the nostrils. On the walls, 80s calendars and front pages and newspaper clippings, strictly dated 1980, maybe even 1970. Tools and tools of the trade here and there, now ruined, almost antiques, typical of a craftsman who made his hands the best work tool. And then papers, cardstock, coated, glossy, Dutch paper, parchment. Shades of white, ivory, yellowish and biscuit-colored sheets, interspersed with shades of brown, such as brass, terracotta, rust and brick on the covers. And, all around, shelves of books, volumes of encyclopedias, pocket and manuscript editions and stacks and more stacks of books, having more the grace of sculptures rather than the simple value of a stacking of texts placed on each other. That bookbinder thinks he is treating books like jewelry and he has no wrong. Welcomed as having entered the home of a friend, a friend in love with his work who tells you about his books, the needle and thread with which he carefully sews all the packets of sheets, the covers he must clean and restore, he advises you and infectiously conveys what for him is joy, is life...

Entering a shop therefore means entering a small story, one of those small daily tales of places still authentic, full of charm, tradition and teachings. It means knowing, imagining what the work and life that takes place inside those laboratories is. Etymologically, the shops are "closets", warehouses of all kinds of objects, but they are also those small rooms on the ground floor where commitment and passion are placed. And, never as today, the value of those shops takes on a particular meaning because there is the undisputed heritage of every city, but there is also what is not lost today, at all costs. We therefore decided to leave out for a moment the in-depth study of the shops in Bologna as a tourist itinerary, and thus find a new title...

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