The colors that make your personality stand out


The stylists, through important current themes, often express their sensations and their thoughts with the colors. An example could be the fact that, following the end of the pandemic, a lot of fashion designers decided to imagine fashion with bright, gaudy, and full of vitality colors.

In all the SS22 collections can be recognized colors and items that encourage you to use your creativity, to express yourself, and your personality. We can say, therefore, that the total-black period is over and it’s no longer fashionable. The use of the colors is a way to be characterized and valued, going against the principles of homologation, boredom, and sadness.

Among the colors selected for this year we find:

-light blue: used to give a feeling of freshness and brightness. In the new OREQUO collection you can find a beautiful “Top & skirt tie-dye”, with some shades of red along the bottom of the dress. It suggests also a “Bamboo foulard dress”, making it suitable for seaside and tropical locations.

-blue avatar: represents the color of the future and the “digital era”. It can be represented by comfortable pants, a skirt at the knee, or a trench. For this shade, OREQUO offers its version with its fantastic “Strelitzia kimono & Palazzo pants”.

-artificial yellow: represent a yellow sparkling version, it’s perfect for a casual look, inspired by summer cocktails to sip by the sea. For this color OREQUO recommends the “Top & Skirt Strelitzia”.

-candy pink: today is considered a genderless color, used to sweeten the days and feel romantic. OREQUO suggests a wonderful “Daisy chemisier” or a “Bamboo foulard dress”.

-fuchsia: is essentially the color of the love, as well as being bright and lively. The “Esperanza chemisier” presents some details of fuchsia, giving a vibrant touch to the look.

-red fire: sensual, powerful, twisting towards dramatic tones. OREQUO believes its “Etere dress” is perfect, with geometric and colorful representations. For a more elegant look, there is also the red version of “Top & Skirt Strelitzia.”


What happened to the pattern?

Summer 2022 doesn't forget to introduce patterns with an extravagant aspect, creating different matching and creative motives.

These include:

-tie-dye kaleidoscopic: that shows up the lightness of the summer.

-artificial flowers: are represented by bold colors and emanate great energy.

-butterflies: draw nostalgically and lightly.

-the animalier: focuses mainly on zebra and leopard skins, releasing exotic and wild vibrations.

-vichy: composed of several shades, including orange, fuchsia, red and green. Chic and spring style.

-vertical, black, and white lines: the intersection of these two colors makes the pattern very playful and fun, taking up the spring-summer theme.

-mix&match: mainly includes vichy, macro flowers, macro polka dots, moiré, and stripes.

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