The safeguard of the details


Your fabrics always brand new

For our textile accessories we rely on a laundry specialized in washing and cleaning fine and delicate fabrics. The stains are then pre-treated and removed with professional stain removers followed by hand washing using specific detergents.
A new method of washing, drying and finishing with water is used, which uses water as a natural solvent, ensuring a surprising and ecological washing. In this way the dirt is eliminated while taking care of the characteristics of the fabric in terms of shape, color and brightness.

Following an ecological criterion, we therefore adopt a hygienic, practical and delicate solution that guarantees the best efficiency without damaging the environment. Repairs of horizontal or vertical stretch marks are carried out. Expert hands of the sartorial art are able to arrange to mend a silk fabric, in such a way that, at the end of the work, the weaving follows the same lines both of the finishing with which the handkerchief has been packaged, and the type of tear occurred. We use an innovative mending technique so that the result is optimal, in the event of both horizontal and vertical jerking.

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