Androgynous femininity

Fashion does not have to be something pre-established, rigid, predisposed, but, as it is defined by many now: it is an artistic way to express oneself, one’s own personality.

Starting from this assumption, then, we must imagine various styles without being influenced by possible boundaries and breaking down all the barriers that are often anchored in the history of our society, for example the traditional opposition between man and woman.

First of all it was Yves Saint-Laurent who introduced men’s garments in women’s fashion, such as the business-suit or the tuxedo, without making the appearance of the fair sex too androgynous, but rather creating an irreverent and sensual silhouette.

Now blazers, trousers or lace-up shoes are part of every woman’s wardrobe, but sometimes these masculine garments do not enhance femininity. The reason is soon found in the little attention given to details, which, instead, make the difference.

The masculine style must be well proportioned within a look, must create a balance not to take the upper hand on femininity, every woman can wear any garment or accessory considered generically “for men”: for example insert a pocket square in the outfit, often considered a purely masculine accessory, can be an original idea that makes style more sophisticated.

In fact, in addition to using it as a pocket square in a blazer, both male and female, with a bottleneck on the hips, you can wear it in many other ways: by rolling the clutch around the wrist, creating a small colored silk bracelet to be combined with a total white or black outfit, to break the monochrome. Or using it as a decoration around the hair tied to the tail, looking for shades in contrast with your own nuance, so as to put it even more prominent. Or even to embellish your bag tying the handkerchief around the handle or shoulder strap, and letting it slip to one side.

The pocket square is a classy accessory with a thousand uses, which for every woman can be the ace in the sleeve for a look that is always original and feminine.

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