Baccano: a twist between music and elegance

What is the passion and inspiration behind the new collection of pocket squares Baccano?

The four drawings are born from the desire to describe an image, a moment or a story, which is a staple of our philosophy.
Giving life to a clothing accessory not only as an aesthetic ornament, but also as a link to our past and our culture, a memory and an emotion. Moreover, as the French artist Henri Matisse said, “I am made of everything I have seen” and, we will add, even of everything we have heard, smelt, touched and tasted, anything that has had the power to give us a particular sensation.

Baccano, as the name of the collection itself says, is an overwhelming feast, it’s energy, it’s a mix of sounds, sometimes confused. It is the buzz of the people in the streets and the noise of the magnificent dances of princely courts where a storyteller emerges, a minstrel, a court musician who accompanies the gestures, laughter, the words of passers-by or of the dancers.
Our four designs have taken shape from this category of artists and acrobats and from the passion for all that is music and musicality. It is by re-evoking medieval images of these figures and reliving the sounds of ancient instruments that we conceived Liuto, Cornamusa, Clarsach and Ribeca.

Listening to their notes and melodies, our imagination has created a frame of flowers and plants around the musician represented with imaginary and fantastic features. A natural and Art Nouveau background, therefore, but, at the same time, visionary and surreal. Harmonic colors and disproportions dictated by an encounter between the sensations caused by the light sounds of the lute, the mighty ones of the bagpipe, the sweet vibrations of the clarsach and the acute reptilian vibrations and extravagant images of distant worlds, stories and legends.
The Baccano collection was designed for elegance and style that goes beyond the boundaries of time, an idea before an object, a thought before a pocket square, history and culture before an aesthetic expression.

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