For Christmas, give a detail … of style!

If you have postponed until the very last moment the purchase of the gifts to put under the Christmas tree there is something that can save you!

A particular, a detail, an object that can still be effective. Even the usual scarves in combination with woolen, insipid and impersonal gloves, can become the best gift, you just need to choose with style and good taste and adapt them finely to the person who will receive them. Classic Christmas gifts can prove to be a perfect last-minute ally!

Combining a classy accessory to one’s clothing is in fact an increasingly popular trend even among the male public, attentive to fashion and who wants to customize their style.

Given that even finding the gift for her, mother or sister is not easy, certainly finding the gift suitable for boys sometimes becomes almost impossible! In fact, even in the department stores there are more and more floors dedicated to the female world, but for a male gift, in comparison, there are fewer options, so among these few choices you have to find the most suitable, the one that amazes, the one that can make a great impression!
There is, and it is precisely the particular accessory, the elegant minuteness or the detail of the moment, the important thing is that it is an object tailored to him! So, after a reflection on some variables, age, hobbies, character, lifestyle and habits, choose what to aim for and find the right accessory!

If the intention is to add a piece to the collection of ties he wears for work, maybe you can point to something that preserves class and classicism in itself, but that is handcrafted as a piece of art, with imperceptible finishing but able to make the difference.

If you want to dare more, instead, why don’t you think about cufflinks, you will find all kinds of them, shaped like Santa and reindeer for these festivities, with the colors of the favorite team, with the signs of the zodiac, or even with a brick of the construction game that we loved as children. In the past they were used exclusively as luxury decorations, today they can be found of all types and suitable for any outfit, the important thing is that they reflect and talk about the wearer.

If your boyfriend, brother-in-law or brother, on the other hand, is a real dandy, then why don’t you refer to another great classic, that is able to give a touch of refinement to any jacket, with either an elegant or more sporty cut. Fine fabrics, from silk to linen, bright and luminous colors, or even less flashy and showy ones, the pocket square is still able to hit and sculpt a look!

Pack and staple accessories at Christmas, those who will receive one as a gift will be aware that the person who has given it to him as a gift has taken the nuances and the uniqueness of their style, way of being and personality!

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