Medioeva: The charm of ancient times in a pair of sunglasses

Accessories are style shapes that distinguish the person wearing them. They do not notice, but at the same time are unforgettable.

Why wear one? Because the details enrich us and it is precisely in the details that resemble the nuances, complexities, inclinations, influences, tastes and individuality of each of us.
These are the elements that make our clothing different and are the various combinations of the same with our looks that define us and give us the chance to reinvent each day.

An accessory can become a symbol of an era, the emblem of a culture, a sign of recognition of one’s image and personality. This is what happens to a timeless object that has made history like sunglasses.

The need for an accessory as it may be a sunglasses wants to be the one to hit, to leave a mark, to be impacted.
This small object is capable of transforming a person’s face, twisting his expression and concealing his gaze.

Medioeva is the new eyewear created by Orequo. The past and the ancient times converge on an element that has become a style icon over time.

The shapes and colors of Medioeva are extravagant and unusual, preserve ancient and primitive lines, but at the same time create a modern, free, contemporary image.
Medioeva wants to express, exalt and impress, while still remaining in a dimension of elegance, sophistication and distinction.

The luxury of this eyewear is enclosed in being designed and made by wise hands working in Lucania territory, in Potenza, and devoting their day to designing and creating these items that are now part of our everyday style.

Wearing Medioeva means wearing the rigor and excellence Made in Italy, recognizable in the fact that each handmade glass is never the same as the other, the shades and the grain of the material will be different and unique for each, and whoever dresses them knows they will dress an exclusive and unrepeatable piece.

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