The concept of “luxury” is often associated with gold, with something eccentric and precious that involves, at the same time and with the same intensity, the way of perceiving oneself and the world.

Here Orequo recalls this idea presenting Moving Snails, the pocket square with sinuous waves and golden spirals, bright and vivid colors, shapes that intersect creating triangles and circles.

Inspired by the famous creation of Gustav Klimt, The Tree of Life, the brand creates an accessory that combines in a fine manner the Liberty lines, typical of the artist, and the references to Byzantine, Egyptian and Japanese art that are seen and merged into a work which, in fact, stands as an unsurpassed example of the integration of these arts.
Among the branches of the tree numerous ornamental elements stand out, which conceal a particular symbolism, for example the flowers famous for their characteristic Egyptian-eyed shape.
The painting is the symbol of the golden age and once again recalls a very recurring theme in Klimt’s works: the cycle of life, as well as the seasons, and the uninterrupted cycle that leads from death to rebirth

From this thought comes a unique and whimsical pochette, which possesses in itself the strength of the continuous renewal inherent in the tree of life, expressed by the light of the golds, which combined with that emanating from the silk, creates an intriguing game of elegance.

Moving Snails is an accessory suitable for those who like to own a beautiful object, not only for the play of colors and for the precious fabric, but above all for the meaning it possesses and carries within itself. The latter, in fact, enhances the charm of this small accessory giving a whimsical sophistication.

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