OCCHIALERIA ARTIGIANA: Artworks on the face

Real works of art to wear on the face. 1955 Italia and its new brand, Occhialeria Artigiana, produce custom-made eyeglasses and sunglasses, as if they were sculpted on every face.

A real laboratory, where ideas and designs are developed and where real jewels take shape. In its products, the tradition of Italian craftsmanship is combined with the innovation of modern digital technologies. The meeting between the historical imprint and the modernity is also found within the group of designers and artisans, where over 40 and under 30 work side by side to create a unique accessory. Being handmade allows you to create exclusive glasses, objects that embody elegance and charisma.

The Renaissance workshop, which is located in Basilicata, also demonstrates in its products a return to the origins and beauty of the simplicity of things and it is especially in the geometric shapes and colors of the frames that it manifests  an emotional link to Lucan land, nature and landscapes.

Many luxury brands now rely on them to create their own models because today as never before southern Italy is associated with the excellence of Made in Italy craftsmanship that embodies the taste for beauty and attention to detail and particulars.

Occhialeria Artigiana employs in-house staff who are experts in every phase of the production process, from design to production, but it does not stop only at this, in fact, the attention is placed as well, and above all, in the phase of services provided to the customer, which is at the center of the production process.

High quality materials, skilled hands of master craftsmen, passion for their work and cutting-edge techniques allow the creation objects characterized by their own energy, true expressions of style.

Works of art, made by real artists, as stated by the sole director, Raffaele Ricciuti, taking up the motto of St. Francis of Assisi, “Who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman, who works with hands, head and heart is an artist “.

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