Rainbow Symphony: the urban frenzy

Painting is by nature a luminous language” – Robert Delaunay

A symphony of colors, shades, nuances ranging from purple aubergine to olive green, from dodger blue to racing red, combining and giving shape to circular forms that reproduce the tireless rhythm of the existence of the great modern cities. Robert Delaunay, the author of Rhythm, the artwork by which the Orequo’s Rainbow Symphony pocket square takes inspiration, transfers the lifestyle of contemporary metropolises: from the electric lighting of streets and shops to billboards, from the diffusion of vehicles to the extension of urban spaces. Painting is free from the boundaries of two-dimensionality, letting light and color interact in a total rhythm.

In the picture, the city is a sort of exciting global sensory experience characterized by an endless transformation, which the artist attempts to fix in a garment capable of immediately capturing the attention of any spectator. Orphism, the artistic movement to which Delaunay belongs, recovers the concept of simultaneity, which is life and creation, and makes color and light an essential attribute to the recomposition of sensation. Therefore, the concentric circles and the decomposed space are highlighted by the contrasting tones, by the colors that emerge surprising and marveling, just like in modern cities, where the traffic lights and the signs create an effect of lights and shades mixing with each other, lively and dazzling, eccentric and decisive.

Rainbow Symphony is an accessory that stands out, a fresh and sparkling detail, for a sporty man who does not give up a touch of charm. Vitality and independence are revealed through the ensemble of circumferences in shades of bright contrasting colors, forming a rotating movement with a hypnotic charm. The colors dance on the silk pocket square, drawing cheerful and graceful pirouettes, almost as if, from the frenzy of the city, one wants to transcend the quiet aroused by the vision of a rainbow, with its colors and its majesty.

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