Shanghai Fashion Week: a new voice from East

Exuberant: the perfect term to describe Shanghai, a dynamic and lively city that fully represents the vibrant vitality that is breathed in China today. An atmosphere full of opportunities in which talented designers grow and develop, driven mainly by the energy that this Chinese city expresses through art exhibitions, events, collaborations with international institutions. All this suggests that the fashion market is relevant and, especially for us born into Western fashion, to be observed. New lines, new figures, new ideas, from a reality that is becoming increasingly considerable among the trends of the moment. A different vision of fashion, far from the current, consolidated in the “Big Four” (Milan, Paris, London and New York), with a great desire to stand out and be appreciated. For instance, the number of showrooms and trade shows is astonishing, a clear indication of how much fashion has become important for the Chinese market.
Innovation is present in this fashion week also in the interaction between fashion and technology, a new way of showing clothes, with moving mannequins to make the customer’s shopping experience more interactive.

There are not only Asian stylists, but also various Italian ones, creating a bridge between the two cultures, the western one and the oriental one. To merge and create something new. Among them Orequo, who took part in this fashion week, showing a very extravagant and high-end made in Italy, sought after and particularly appreciated by international buyers in Shanghai.

This city, already known in the twentieth century as “the Paris of the East“, has long been a cultural and financial capital and the epicenter of trade between China and the West. Furthermore, its recent success reflects what is the development of the country in general. Today, Chinese buyers are among the biggest luxury consumers in the world, so it’s normal that things are changing inside: these customers pay more attention to quality and aesthetics.

We find ourselves in front of a different “Made in China“, a new fashion influence that wants to be independent from the West and leave its mark on the market. A luxurious and extravagant fashion, young and curious, waiting to be discovered.

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