Through bright colors, signs and insouciance features, recalling the simplicity and magic of fairy tales, Paul Klee creates “The Legend of the Nile“, a canvas that contains a world of primordial and archaic forms suspended between the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms , where refined chromatic games build subtle textures, and hieroglyphic signs of the mind make magic fish and boats fly.

On a background of square and rectangular shapes of different shades of blue the pictorial signs of ancient Egypt stand out.
The aim of the painter is to convert, through his art, optical impressions and psychic expressions into free images full of poetic responses: it is here, then, that the stylized childish representations color and flow into a new artwork, expressing the childish and genuine wonder that the artist perceives in admiring the Egyptian landscape.

This wonderful work represents the inspiration of the pocket square Strange Shape made by Orequo, an accessory that encompasses the imaginative and creative side that everyone has, that little boy, of which Pascoli speaks so much, which is inherent in each of us.

The silk pochette of the Pitture collection is inspired by the lightness and sensitivity of this figure, with a touch of romance and poetry that distinguishes it. Furthermore, a fundamental rule of abstract art is taken up again and exalted: in a context of small details, the use of color combinations acquires enormous importance.
Thus, symbols, shapes and strokes are assembled into a single image that is described by warm and cold colors, masterfully balanced between them.

The Strange Shape pocket square is, therefore, for those who want to dress in a simple and refined manner, without sacrificing, at the same time, the lively and dreamy part of it.

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