The pocket square: a detail which can be used in any occasion

Man has always been trying to differentiate himself from the rest of society, through his thoughts, his ideologies, so the choice of his clothes and accessories is also a characteristic by which one can assert his personality and differentiate it from that of the others.
Depending on the worn fantasy of matching colors, one can perceive the temperament: eccentric rather than shy, bold rather than placid.

Even the pocket square, a small detail that peeps out of the jacket, can make the difference by completing and improving the set, giving a touch of refinement and class to the figure, and above all telling us something about who wears it.

“The pocket square for a man is like a handbag for a woman, it must be always present” – Brunello Cucinelli usually says  – and it is important to match it well with the rest of the outfit, the basic rule is not to choose it with the same fantasy as the tie or of the shirt, the clutch will be able to recall the colors and the motifs, but the elegance is inherent in the right balance between the various garments worn.

Both men and women can use various types of pocket square: they can be fancy or solid, made with different materials, depending on how and when to wear.

pochette varie

At work, for example, to have a more formal appearance, this small accessory can be combined with a full blue or gray classic, or, if you prefer to be a bit informal, with a fresh wool, in either case it will immediately become more interesting.

While during the weekend, during a spring trip, perhaps in the alleys of an ancient Italian village, the pochette can be combined with a more smart look: a cotton-lined blazer and a linen shirt with a petticoat in lively fantasy and color contrast.

In case of a ceremony, the total white accessory is a classic of elegance, essential and just for this perfect, but if you want to dare a bit you can choose a light fantasy on a white background.

The most important thing is to have fun and leave your own creativity free to give you a distinct, sophisticated touch, but also witty and self-centered, to your outfit.

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