OREQUO: Luxury Products and Accessorie Made in Italy

Candy pink and triangles, tiffany blue and polka dots catapult directly into the magical and retro air of a walk to the Eiffel Tower under the moonlight. You walk between the street lamps and the rooftops of the city, captivated by their charm and romance.

    Name PARIS
    Birth date 10 Nov '18
    Nationality Italy
    Category Foulard
    Edition Limited to 2000 pieces


The foulards are made of 100% silk twill, a precious material characterized by extreme softness and lightness to the touch and which has a changing appearance and iridescent reflections allowing to enhance the brightness of the colors. A careful study of the design and scrupulous technical and aesthetic evaluations follows the digital printing of the images on silk. This technique allows to obtain an infinite chromatic variety, giving life to a product of great originality and expressiveness.


The designs of the foulards were made to illustrate four large European cities on fabric. Through games of overlapping colors and shapes and elements that are repeated in all the drawings, a fascinating and suggestive image is created for each represented city. Scenes, symbols, monuments and icons are placed within a geometric frame that ideally recalls the main distinguishing marks of London, Paris, Barcelona and Rome.

Dream and magic