"Without music, life would be a mistake."
- Friedrich Nietzsche


Passion inspires ideas. Our aim is to convey a passion through images, transferring the latter into objects that can become vehicles to tell something about themselves, a past, a culture, a personality. Through small steps, in this collection takes shape the love for music and the emotions emerging from the sounds of ancient and elegant instruments that have made the history of music.



    4th of December 2017

    The realization of the Baccano collection comes to life from two of the five senses, sight and hearing. A passion for every kind of melody and a search for images related to the world of music from which to draw inspiration. Struck by the sounds of some musical instruments that have made history and by the function of music as a companion in any moment, story and emotion, emerges the idea of creating an accessory that encloses this passion, which has a shape and colors .



    2nd of January 2018

    Each color is associated with a musical note and each shape with the perception that one has of a sound. Therefore, around images of minstrels and medieval singers with zoomorphic features, contours and shapes of flowers, buds and plants begin to take shape. Music and flowers are intimately connected to each other. Thanks to the sounds and melodies, the flowers bloom even where the sun is not shining and the harmonic bond has been deliberately recreated on the collection, delicate and elegant, with a retro flavor



    5th of February 2018

    The idea is a representation or a drawing that is formed in the mind. What may seem to be a confusion of signs, shapes and colors begins to be defined with the use of a pencil on a piece of paper. You begin to sketch your vision, to note each color perfectly blending with the other, the outline or the shape you want to represent and the idea you want to tell.



    18th of March 2018

    The manual graphics today perfectly fits with the computerized one. The design is developed with modern computer techniques that allow you to create a very high definition image. The colors and the contours, deliberately clean and bright, are used to represent the dynamism and vivacity that distinguishes the contemporary era.



    21st of April 2018

    Our project is entrusted to the expert hands of textile artisans who are able to transform the design into a work of art on fabric. The image is printed using modern techniques and then reviewed and scrupulously checked in the quality of the colors and lines. The edges of the pocket square are carefully edged and finished by hand.



    25th of May 2018

    The idea of packing the pocket square as if it were an art masterpiece requires careful and meticulous work even on the wrapping. At the opening of a stately box, branded with gold logo, one of the thousand unique pieces of the Baccano collection shows itself, lying beneath five parallel lines and four spaces, an ideal pentagram that contains notes and pauses of our musical instruments .



    1st of June 2018

"Music is one of the ways by which the soul returns to heaven."
- Torquato Tasso

The Baccano collection is inspired by ancient illustrations of medieval manuscripts. The images from which we have taken our drawings belong to the 'Books of Hours' which, with the passing of time, became real luxury books. The works were in fact decorated by illusionist artists and it is precisely for their decorations that the books were then destined to the collections of kings, princes and dukes as symbols of power and prestige and sensitivity towards the beauty of those who owned them.

We have been inspired by zoomorphic miniatures to draw our four pocket squares and it is around the four subjects, animals playing a medieval musical instrument, that we have created a game of intertwining colored flowers and branches. The natural background is depicted as if it were following the notes of each musical instrument represented, and indeed, not surprisingly, the four pocket squares take their names from the four instruments of the drawing.