Romanticism and magic of pale pink as delicate as the vibrations of the clarsach

Composition 100% Silk Twill, handmade hem
Color Nuance vaniglia/ceruleo/verde/viola
Sizes Height 31 cm , Width 31 cm
Edition Limited to 1000 unique pieces

Printed silk pocket square with a medieval zoomorphic miniature representation. A monkey that pinches the strings of a clarsach appears between tall and disproportionate stems of tricolor violas of the most disparate nuances.

Clarsach, belonging to the Baccano collection, will be produced in a limited edition. To enhance the uniqueness of our pocket square, the serial number and the year of production will be reproduced on the satin label of the same color as the printed image.


The music is based on the harmony between Sky and Earth, it is the coincidence between the disorder and the clarity.
- Hermann Hesse


A monkey plays an instrument of Celtic tradition that, in the regal courts, accompanied, with its music, countless stories of love, war, friendship and magic. A frame of colorful pansies, wild, spontaneous and strong.


Picture from an enchanted and fairy-tale aura thanks to the colored violets, symbols of sweet memories and a nostalgic past and to the fluidity of the clarsach sound, angelic and melodious, like the gentle whisper of the water movement.


A fantasy detail for a metropolitan style. The soft pink color of the background, romantic and dandy, gives a touch of refinement to a look in light colors and creates a beautiful game of contrasts in the dark color combinations.