White, sensations of purity and poetry as in a melody played by a ribeca

Composition 100% Silk Twill, handmade hem
Color Nuance bianco/verde olivastro/verde cinabro/mirto/rosso vermiglio
Sizes Height 31 cm , Width 31 cm
Edition Limited to 1000 unique pieces

Printed silk pocket square with a medieval zoomorphic miniature representation. A figure of lynx stands up and plays a ribeca surrounded by a frame of leaves and ornamental flowers of calla lilies.

Ribeca, belonging to the Baccano collection, will be produced in a limited edition. To enhance the uniqueness of our pocket square, the serial number and the year of production will be reproduced on the satin label of the same color as the printed image.


Music is the poetry of the air.
- Jean Paul Richter


A lynx plays the musical instrument of the minstrels that accompanied the dances and the readings of the poems. Surrounded by plants of calla with voluminous and green leaves and sinuous and enchanting flowers.


Already in its etymology, Calla, means beautiful. Purple and orange shades for a plant with a linear simplicity, elegant and sculptural almost in contrast with the sharp and piercing sound of the bow on the ribeca strings.


Ardor, passion, sensuality and audacity. A strong and balanced personality emerges from the design and colors of the pocket square. For an elegant occasion or for everyday style.