Wear a touch of rainbow!
Colors in free tune and dancing discs draw cheerful and graceful pirouettes

Composition: Twill 100% Silk, hand hem
Color: violet/green/blue/red nuance
Sizes: Height 31 cm , Width 31 cm
Edition: Limited to 1000 unique pieces

Printed silk pocket square with an artistic representation having an inspiration that leads back to a period between post-impressionism and Orphic cubism. An ensemble of circumferences with shades of contrasting bright colors that form a rotating movement with a hypnotic charm enclosed by a double frame.

Rainbow Symphony, belonging to the Pitture collection, will be produced in a limited edition. To enhance the uniqueness of our pocket square, the serial number and the year of production will be reproduced on a satin label of the same color as the printed image.


“Painting is by nature a luminous language”
- Robert Delaunay


A lively and moving geometry punctuated by pure colors with an intrinsic rhythmic vibration. A harmonious synthesis between structural rigor and lyrical evasion.


Concentric circles and sprawling space highlighted by contrasting tones. Colors that emerge surprising and marveling just like a rainbow in a clear sky.


Dynamism, vitality and independence contained in a pocket square. The sporty man's jacket is enriched with a fresh and sparkling detail.


Rainbow Symphony
Rainbow Symphony
Rainbow Symphony