Intrigue with extravagance!
Signs and carefree features that recall the simplicity and magic of fairy tales.

Composition: Twill 100% Silk, hand hem
Color: white/grey/blue nuance
Sizes: Height 31 cm , Width 31 cm
Edition: Limited to 1000 unique pieces

Printed silk pocket square with an abstract scene of an artistic inspiration. The signs of the work, between the hieroglyphic and the stylized childish representations, are colored and flow into a new representation. Symbolism, shapes and traits assembled in a narrative image with warm and cool colors balanced between them.

Strange Shape, belonging to the Pitture collection, will be produced in a limited edition. To enhance the uniqueness of our pocket square, the serial number and the year of production will be reproduced on the satin label of the same color as the printed image.


“Art does not reproduce the visible but makes visible what is not always so”
- Paul Klee


On a background of square and rectangular shapes of different gradations of blue emerge the pictorial signs of ancient Egypt and forms of the first stylized childish depictions. A blank page filled with an essential and rarefied reality, like a tale with indefinite outlines.


Allegorical revisiting from which an image, a scene, a story takes life. A square of cloth that reveals the sensibility, the dreamy part, the creative dowry, the imaginative side enclosed and kept right in the details and in the characteristics of the imagination.


Innocence, purity and expressiveness emerge in this pocket square. A return to a childish dimension that gives a touch of lightness and lightheartedness, but at the same time romantic and poetic to a simple and refined clothing.


Strange Shape
Strange Shape
Strange Shape