On the fabric, all the delicacy of an intertwinement of flowers and leaves that recalls the Art Nouveau style, created with the aim of decorating and making objects unique. The floral style is able to transform and give that eccentric but elegant touch.

A cat that pinches the strings of a lute, light and elegant. Red poppies and blue carnations stand out with their colors on a black background. A contrast between eccentric and ethereal.

    Composition 100% cashmere 100% silk twill Handmade hem
    Color Black, cocoa, Japanese laurel
    Sizes Height 183 cm , Width 67 cm


The double stoles are made of 100% silk twill on one side and 100% cashmere on the other. Two extremely precious materials, silk enhances the brightness of the colors with its iridescent reflections and cashmere, soft and warm, serves as a light and enveloping veil.


Medieval zoomorphic miniatures are made up like a decoration along the entire length of the scarf. Each design presents a background of colorful intertwinings of Art Nouveau branches and flowers. The floral delicacy is combined with the extravagance of the frieze in animal forms.