Art within the art. A collection inspired by abstractionism, works by great artists are shown on a new canvas. On the silk we can observe a reinterpretation of colors and shapes in a modern way.

Figures and lines with strong, bright and decisive colors, in balance between them on a light blue background, enveloping and fascinating. An orchestra of geometries.

Metropolitan Geometries
Metropolitan Geometries
    Composition 100% cashmere 100% silk twill Handmade hem
    Color Orange red, mustard yellow, fuchsia, light blue
    Sizes Height 183 cm , Width 67 cm


The double stoles are made of 100% silk twill on one side and 100% cashmere on the other. Two extremely precious materials, silk enhances the brightness of the colors with its iridescent reflections and cashmere, soft and warm, serves as a light and enveloping veil.


Each stole is inspired by masterpieces of great and famous artists. The elements of the artworks of abstract painters are resumed and reworked to be reproduced into another form. A creative reinterpretation of colors, spaces and lines.

Metropolitan Geometries