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A magnificent masterpiece realized like a rock sculpture modeled by the force of nature and time. A jewel, unique and inimitable, Medioeva is the most authentic expression of Italian craftsmanship.

Mirrors of history


Reflections of modernism

    Name Medioeva
    Date of birth 18 May '17
    Nationality Italy
    Category Sunglasses
    Edition Limited to 999 pieces


The frames are made of cellulose acetate, a plastic material that allows you to give three-dimensionality to any color. The lenses, with captivating colors, thanks to its excellent technical and optical characteristics, allow an extremely clear vision and 100% UV protection.


Formation at first sight circular but hiding arcuate corners and straight lines in balance with each other. A game between concave and convex where the proportion is given by the element of the connecting frame between the two lenses, original and exaggerated, to revisit an antique model in innovative forms.


Imaginative and extravagant, but conservatives of a spirit of class and elegance of the past. They conform to the most disparate styles, from classic and traditional to the most fashionable and contemporary. Unisex model, they adapt both to a face with delicate and feminine features, and to more marked masculine profiles.


None of our sunglasses will ever be the same to each other. The craftsmanship allows to obtain chromatic shades from the plaques of acetate that will never be repeated in an identical way, so that every single piece will be unique and unrepeatable, with its own color and light lines.


"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."
- Marcel Proust

  1. Medioeva


    18th of May 2017

    The research on the past of an object that has become a common accessory in the present day has fueled the desire to create eyewear with an ancient shapes, but, at the same time, a modern and whimsical spirit. Medioeva is inspired by an eyewear of the past, an object that sinks its Italian historical roots in the gorgeous and magnificent era of Venice characterised by dances and masks.

  2. Medioeva


    22nd of June 2017

    A pencil and a white sheet beginning to fill with small marks and lines. The pastels outline the contours and fill the spaces. The lenses take the form of angular circles, the bridge that connects them is extended and expanded upward to form a triangle and the rods thicken, but taper towards the terminals.

  3. Medioeva


    9th of July 2017

    The ideation process is a continuous evolution. From the first design draft, the eyewear begins to take shape, but it is only through the influences, the inspirations, the comparisons, the choice of a certain association between ideas rather than another that it has assumed over time the shape that has been imagined, desired and chased in our mind.

  4. Medioeva


    19th of September 2017

    Fantasy has guided the creative process of the production of the eyewear. Starting from the handmade drawing, we later moved on to create a three-dimensional computer graphics. On the obtained rendering, we started to test the colors and the different textures. The project has then been realized using a 3D printer and the prototype has been evaluated and verified before being entrusted to the expert hands of the craftsmen.

  5. Medioeva


    7th of December 2017

    For the choice of the material and the color of the frame and the lenses we decided to rely on experienced producers. Cellulose acetate is a precious material of vegetable origin that is worked, milled and finished to shape the frame. In choosing the color between an infinite number of fantasies, we decided to opt for the earthy and granite tones characteristic of the nature of our country.

  6. Medioeva


    13th of January 2018

    In 35 steps and about 6 weeks of careful and artisan workmanship, the raw glasses take on the desired appearance. According to tradition, the ancient procedure of "tumbling" is carried out and the polishing, brushing and finishing phases are carried out by hand. On the temples the name and mark is engraved in gold and then lacquered in such a way that the beauty of the details does not fade over time.

  7. Medioeva


    2nd of March 2018

    The packaging is an essential element in giving uniqueness and beauty to any accessory. It is a black box set, with modern lines and marked with a gold logo to enclose an essential and elegant case for glasses. Within this sort of treasure chest, therefore, the eyewear dwells as if it were a jewel, a precious object to be preserved and safeguarded.

  8. Medioeva


    28th of May 2018