Art-fashion contamination: two worlds in continuous dialogue

Fashion and painting are refined forms through which the thought of the artist and of the society in which the works are generated is expressed, but when these two worlds meet, there is a continuous contamination between two essences, two philosophies that merge, so as to reveal the connubes of shapes, colors, geometries that interact with each other.

In the last ten years, the collaboration between art and fashion has become increasingly important, thanks to these mutual influences, in fact, the two sectors have placed themselves in a contemporary industry that requires new creative impulses.


There have been different types of interaction between the two worlds: some designers have collaborated with artists of their own age, among the most famous examples is that of Gianni Versace, who boasted collaborations with major contemporary artists: for example Pomodoro or Veronesi. Other designers have taken up works by contemporary artists and not: for example, the fashion house Dior, led by Raf Simons, has created clothes proposing the works of Sterling Ruby. While Jeff Knoos has reinterpreted the works of the great masters such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Tiziano for Louis Vuitton. This love of many designers for the art brings them not only to inspire them, but to collaborate with gallery owners or to sponsor and conceive real art events, exhibitions, such as “Impressions Dior”, the exhibition at the Christian Dior Museum in Granville, in France, which explores the links between Haute Couture and the artistic movement of Impressionism.

Focusing on Made in Italy, the Orequo brand has drawn inspiration for its collections from art, in particular from different paintings, creating a correspondence of styles, tastes and trends that characterize this brand for its elegance and refinement: the Rainbow Symphony collection reprises Rhythm by Robert Delaunay; Metropolitan Geometries reproduces Composition VIII by Vasilij Kandinskij; Strange Shape depicts Paul Klee’s Nile Legend; Moving Snails portrays The tree of life of Gustav Klimt. The originality that characterizes these masterly works is reflected in the clutch bags of Orequo, which also possess the peculiarity of being the mini works of art that you can always carry with you.

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