Orequo is elegance, refinement, craftsmanship and tradition.

Our collections feature limited edition clothes and accessories, made in selected ateliers in the expert hands of Italian artisans. The meticulous attention to detail, respect for tradition and a constant search for the excellence of materials make each piece exclusive and unrepeatable. A panoply of accessories in silk and cashmere, scarves and stoles, shirts and caftans, up to sophisticated suits and coats, on which the stories and tales of the Italian cultural tradition come to life in an eclectic and original way, reinterpreted with a conscious modern aesthetic of its roots, which winks at contemporary art. Garments made to last, extremely feminine, with a strong and defined personality, designed to enhance the character and special emotions of the woman who wears them, making her unique.

Behind every collection or single component there is a theme, a content, a subject. Our goal is to create something with distant roots, made in a new and modern way. Our ideas come to life from the passion for cultures, customs and traditions of different civilizations, from the artistic and intellectual expressions of the past. Images, figures and symbols of the past therefore merge with our interpretations, re-enactments and sensations, to tell a story, illustrate a moment, revive a place through an object. Thanks to an exclusive work of creative reworking carried out through the unexpected association of graphic elements and the mixture with a lively and bright color palette, those that were originally paintings and antique prints, are reinterpreted in a completely personal way and transposed into works unpublished graphics, characterized by games of fascinating and fun contemporary shapes and colors, with flavor.

The objects we make have the purpose of enriching any style to silently highlight their appearance and their image. The design and all stages of construction of our products are carried out with the utmost respect for all standards of quality and excellence. The stylistic canons, the ideation and the design produced are in Bologna, a city where we can find solid roots of our cultural and artistic heritage, and from which we draw continuous stimuli, influences and suggestions to make our creations. Pleasant sensations that arise from the touch of a delicate and sensual silk fabric, or from the sense of lightness and softness in wrapping yourself with a cashmere garment: two fabrics that blend harmoniously to enhance each other.

A profoundly Italian brand, Orequo declares a solid commitment to maintaining the entire production process in our country, relying on the silk manufactures of Como for the processing and creation of silk products, and on Biella's know-how for cashmere and wool. The packaging of clothing is instead entrusted to the expert hands of the Ferraresi artisans. Another fundamental commitment of Orequo is the use of only natural materials, also for the linings and details, a deliberately ethical choice in support of the environment as well as a symbol of circular economy.

Luxury in fashion is not an appearance, but an emotional experience that we see through the details we wear. Our luxury emerges in the details and in the elegant, light, almost impalpable style. Enhance your individuality without realizing it. Our aspiration is to create objects that can arouse emotions, that speak of their history and the history of the wearer, thus preserving an infinite value.