A magnificent masterpiece realized like a rock sculpture modeled by the force of nature and time. A jewel, unique and inimitable, Medioeva is the most authentic expression of Italian craftsmanship.




    Date of birth18 May '17
    EditionLimited to 999 pieces


The frames are made of cellulose acetate, a plastic material that allows you to give three-dimensionality to any color. The lenses, with captivating colors, thanks to its excellent technical and optical characteristics, allow an extremely clear vision and 100% UV protection.


Imaginative and extravagant, but conservatives of a spirit of class and elegance of the past. They conform to the most disparate styles, from classic and traditional to the most fashionable and contemporary. Unisex model, they adapt both to a face with delicate and feminine features, and to more marked masculine profiles.


Formation at first sight circular but hiding arcuate corners and straight lines in balance with each other. A game between concave and convex where the proportion is given by the element of the connecting frame between the two lenses, original and exaggerated, to revisit an antique model in innovative forms.


None of our sunglasses will ever be the same to each other. The craftsmanship allows to obtain chromatic shades from the plaques of acetate that will never be repeated in an identical way, so that every single piece will be unique and unrepeatable, with its own color and light lines.