Terms and conditions of sale

The company OREQUO S.r.l. (hereinafter referred to as "OREQUO" or "Website") sells in Italy and abroad the products marked by the word "OREQUO". The Customer, in using the Website and Services, is required to read, accept and acknowledge the binding nature of the provisions listed below. OREQUO may modify, if and where it deems appropriate, these General Conditions by publishing on the Site the updated version of the same and replacing the data with the latest update; therefore, the customer is required to accept only the General Conditions in force at the time of purchase, a copy of which will be sent to the customer in the summary email to the email address provided by the same. OREQUO has decided to equip itself with a distance selling network and to choose to market only a selection of its products through the orequo.com website, excluding some products or categories of products from such distance selling in order to guarantee, in this way, its customers an optimal level of service quality on such products. For the purposes of these general terms and conditions of sale, the seller is OREQUO S.r.l. with registered office in Via Nosadella n. 38, 40123 Bologna, Tax Code and VAT Reg. Imp. of Bologna 03690931203, REA 53902020. 


1. Information relating to products sold through the orequo.com website is available on the official website orequo.com. The information is provided in accordance with the laws in force. 


1. Orders can be made exclusively through the dedicated web page of the orequo.com website. 

2. The customer is invited to provide a valid email address to which all communications concerning the order and the subsequent stages of progress of the purchase will be forwarded. 

3. It is possible to make the purchase even without the need for prior registration and creation of a personal account of the Customer, through a simple procedure. The instructions will be carefully illustrated on the site itself. Before proceeding with the transmission of the order, which will be identified by a number and a date, a summary will be shown to the Customer in order to identify and correct any errors in data entry. 

4. OREQUO reserves the right to evaluate the acceptance of orders received. OREQUO is obliged to inform the Customer of any impossibility to approve and proceed with the order within 30 days starting from the day following the one in which the Customer has submitted it to OREQUO and will refund any amounts already paid by the Customer to OREQUO itself in relation to it. 


1. All prices of products for sale are expressed in Euro and are inclusive of VAT.

2. The company reserves the right to change product prices without notice. The price applied will be the one in force at the time of the order, any new amounts will be in effect from the time they are published on orequo.com and applied to sales made from that moment on.  

3. For shipments, only on the Italian territory, the prices of products are inclusive of all taxes and shipping costs, except for orders placed through the website orequo.com, not otherwise indicated and specified on the aforementioned website at time of purchase. 

4. In compliance with the provisions of art. 51 co. 7 of the Consumer Code, the Customer receives, after the conclusion of the contract, the written confirmation of the product ordered, its price, the amount paid, the existence of the right of withdrawal (except in cases where this right is excluded - see Article 7) - with an indication of the times and methods for returning the property - the geographic address to present any complaints, information on assistance services, on existing legal and commercial guarantees and on the possibility of eventually using out-of-court complaints and redress mechanisms pursuant to art. 141 of the Consumer Code.


1. The payment can be performed using: 

• Credit card; 

• PayPal 

2. The following credit cards are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express. 

3. In order to prevent frauds on the Internet, the payment made through the orequo.com website is managed on the network by the bank concerned through the tools offered by Stripe Payments UK, Ltd. This company is responsible for the conservation and automatic processing, in a protected environment, of the information about each order, including the Customer's credit card details. 

4. The Customer affirms, by entering the data on the website orequo.com, to be the holder of the credit card indicated for the payment and confirms that the name indicated on the credit card is his own. 

5. In the event that, for any reason, the debiting of the amounts owed by the Customer is not successful, both the order of the product or products and the sale are automatically canceled. 


1. The delivery of the products is made to the address indicated by the Customer in the data requested when ordering and only after the regular registration of payment. OREQUO produces handmade products and for this reason the timing for the execution of the order of the products are expressed indicatively on the site and subsequently confirmed at the time of order and are intended from the date of conclusion of the contract, unless OREQUO does not communicate - within the same term - the non-acceptance of the order in accordance with the previous article 2.4 and excluding different agreements between the parties in the contract of sale. 

2. The delivery terms indicated at the time of order are to be considered purely indicative. 

3. The Customer will be informed by e-mail of the expected delivery date as well as the name and contacts of the courier appointed by OREQUO for delivery. The customer can then contact this courier to eventually agree on a different delivery date. 

4. In the event that, at the time of delivery, the appearance of the package shows imperfections or dents, the Customer (or the person who received the product) must proceed to open the package in the presence of the carrier, in order to check the status of the product contained therein. In the event that the product is ruined or damaged, the Customer (or the person who received the product) must specify in writing, on the delivery note, all the damages detected. Any complaints must be submitted in the manner provided for in the following article 8.


1. OREQUO is aware of the fact that customers who are not satisfied with the products received, except in the cases provided for by art. 59 of the Consumer Code, may exercise the right of withdrawal provided for by Articles 52 to 58 of Chapter I, Title III, Part III of the Consumer Code. 

2. The Customer may exercise the withdrawal, without specifying the reasons, communicating to OREQUO, within a maximum period of 14 (fourteen) days from receiving the product at the address indicated at the order, his intention to withdraw from the contract and return the product itself. 

3. The Customer can communicate his wish to exercise his right of withdrawal of the product received:(i) by telephone call to the OREQUO Customer Service;(ii) in writing, by sending a registered letter, attested by an acknowledgment of receipt, to OREQUO signed by the Customer containing the declaration of withdrawal, the Customer data corresponding to those indicated at the time of order and the indication of the product to be returned. To this end, the Customer, if he wishes, can use the standard form available at the bottom of these general conditions of sale, which must be printed, filled in and sent to the address indicated, or the same form that will already be printed inside the parcel containing the product. (Download the module) 

4. The declaration of withdrawal must then be sent to the following address:OREQUO Customer Relations Service - Via Nosadella, 38 - 40123 Bologna. 

5. In any case in which the Customer decides to exercise the withdrawal, he/she can take advantage of the free return home delivery service offered by OREQUO, calling the OREQUO Customer Service to agree the date and time of collection of goods that must be included within 14 days from date of receipt by OREQUO of the Customer's withdrawal statement. The customer must deliver the product for which he has exercised the withdrawal to the courier on the date and time in this way agreed. In the event of its impossibility, he may agree on a new access by the courier, which must take place within the following 7 days. It is specified that the products are picked up on weekdays between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm. 

6. As an alternative to the provisions of the preceding art. 6.8, the customer will have to send by mail or courier the product that he intends to return within 14 days from the date on which he communicated his withdrawal to OREQUO. The product must be sent to the following address:OREQUO Customer Relations Service - Via Nosadella, 38 - 40123 Bologna.The Customer undertakes to pay the shipping costs for the return of the product, as charged by the postal service or the chosen courier. 

7. In the case referred to in paragraph 5.4 above, the products must be returned by registered and insured package complete with all the original packaging (boxes, accessories, tags, protections, etc ...) together with the delivery note filled in in detail with the imperfections detected and a copy of the invoice. 

8. In accordance with the art. 54 par. 4 of the Consumer Code, the burden of proof relating to the exercise of the right of withdrawal within the terms and conditions described in the previous points remains with the Customer. The Customer will also be responsible for the prompt return of the goods.

9. In case of withdrawal, all payments made to OREQUO in relation to the product for which the withdrawal has been exercised, including delivery costs, will be reimbursed to the Customer. The reimbursement of these payments will be made by re-crediting, within 14 days from the date on which OREQUO became aware of the right of withdrawal by the Customer. Pursuant to art. 56 par. 3 of the Consumer Code, if the Customer intends to personally proceed for the return of the product by postal service or courier (ie it does not use the service referred to in Article 6.8), OREQUO may retain the reimbursement of the relative price until it has received the returned product or the Customer has not shown to have sent it in compliance with the provisions of the preceding art. 6.9. Likewise, OREQUO may withhold the reimbursement of the price until the date of taking over the product if the Customer requests the service referred to in art. 6.8 but does not proceed to deliver the product on the date and time agreed with the OREQUO Customer Service. 

10. The re-crediting referred to in the previous point is made to the customer's current account corresponding to the credit card used by the customer for the payment of the order, or, on the same current account on which the price of the products was charged. This reimbursement will not entail any cost for the Customer. 

11. According to the provisions of article 57 par. 2 of the Consumer Code, the Customer is responsible for the decrease in the value of the products due to manipulation other than that strictly necessary to evaluate the nature, characteristics and actual functionality. 

12. Therefore, if the products returned by the Customer are damaged, incomplete, deteriorated and / or dirty or in any state in which it is possible to intuitively understand that the products have been used, in such a way as to compromise their substantial integrity, he/she will not be reimbursed . 

13. The failure to return the product pursuant to art. 6.9 above by the deadline specified therein or the failure to deliver the same to the courier appointed by OREQUO on the date and time agreed in accordance with art. 6.8 (excluding the case in which the terms are postponed in accordance with the same article, last part) will be considered as a manifestation by the Customer of the desire to revoke the withdrawal declaration. The customer will then retain the purchased good and OREQUO will not be held to any refund.


The Customer is required to verify that the products received correspond to those of the order placed. In the event that the delivered products are not in compliance with the order, the Customer must inform the Customer Service by telephone and return the products in question. The customer can then proceed according to the provisions of art. 6 of these general sales conditions, where compatible. 

In addition to the specific warranties that are provided to the Customer within the package together with the product delivered, the legal guarantees provided for by Italian law and in particular, inter alia, those provided for and regulated by Articles 128 are also applicable to the sale of OREQUO products. , 129, 130 and 132 of the Consumer Code. 


For any information or complaint, customers can contact the Customer Service by phone at +39 02 8718 9882, by email at info@orequo.com or by submitting a message in the section “CUSTOMER SERVICES”.