Like an artistic canvas in which colors and pattenrs prevail. A versatile female accessory, to be worn always in a different way. An essential part of any unique style.

Every profound spirit needs a mask.
(Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche)
The young lover, the ideal woman, pure and naive, who triumphs over adversity and malice.

    Composition 100% silk twill Handmade hem
    Color Beige, cardinal rose, blue
    Sizes Height 140 cm , Width 140 cm


The foulards are made of 100% silk twill. A soft and delicate material, with iridescent reflections, which enhances the brightness of the colors of the images made with digital printing. An infinite chromatic variety for a product of great originality and expressiveness.


Four masks belonging to the Commedia dell'Arte, exclusively female, are flanked by birds and brightly colored flowers, elements of tropical landscapes that are associated with a femininity and exotic sensuality. On the background, a chessboard of geometries with contrasting colors.