Branches and dreamlike visions typical of fairy tales. Fantasticheria is the collection that combines the childhood memories of the stories that were told before falling asleep to the dimension of fantasy and inspiration. One rushes and wraps herself in enchanted atmospheres.

Nature and wild energy of animals, but also the sense of freedom and independence. The will to be yourself, with every detail.

Il libro della giungla
Il libro della giungla
    Composition 100% cashmere 100% silk twill Handmade hem
    Color Orange, blue, beige, light blue, green, sienna, black
    Sizes Height 183 cm , Width 67 cm


The double stoles are made of 100% silk twill on one side and 100% cashmere on the other. Two extremely precious materials, silk enhances the brightness of the colors with its iridescent reflections and cashmere, soft and warm, serves as a light and enveloping veil.


Four tales illustrated on silk with the aim to carry within suggestive dreamlike atmospheres. Around the main protagonist of the stole, along its entire length, the scenes and the main characters of the story develop through different color palettes for each one.

Il libro della giungla