A dip into the Roaring Twenties

A re-enactment of a dandy style, an icon for those who wandered among the luminous signs of the nightclubs of the subways looking for places where they can go dancing for the whole night.

The rediscovery of an accessory belonging to the Roaring Twenties. Symbol of elegance and nobility in the upper classes of the time. At that time we were able to witness a frenetic rush towards change, towards modernity, towards a search for the exception, but men's clothing remains classic, of English inspiration. Chorus is based on a dandy style also influenced by the sportswear canons of the time.

The gaiters are also the emblems of the dazzling American dream of the early twentieth century, worn by intellectuals and artists who attend the cafes and trendy places during the day where they discuss philosophy, art, politics and literature or young men with shiny lace-up shoes at their feet that fill the dancing clubs listening to jazz until the morning or dancing all night on the music of Charleston or foxtrot.



Picture of an ancient class



Charm of a classic style



The inspiration of a forgotten object



Symbol of a sought-after fashion

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