60s Print Silk | Silk & Cashmere Stole

An overview that recounts the epochal changes that occurred between 1940 and the new millennium through a series of images and iconic fragments. A series of artistic geometries typical of the different periods frame symbols, scenes and colours. Television enters Italian homes as a container of culture and knowledge.  Hippie movements, free love, flowered shirts and hair accessories leave then room to the spangles and wigs of those who unleash themselves to disco music on the dance floors, as in the Saturday night fever.

Designed by Marco Brancato

Stoles & Shawls: 70 x 180 cm

Stole available in two variants:
- 100% twill silk, precious fabric that allowing to bring out the brilliance of the colours. The hem is rolled by hand, respecting the fascinating tradition of ancient tailors.

- 100% twill silk on one side and 100% cashmere on the other side. The combination of the two fabrics was designed and created respecting the delicacy of both materials, thus creating an object that stands out for its lightness and softness, but at the same time warm and enveloping.

Made in Italy thanks to national textile supply chains.
To keep the beauty of the object unaltered over time, we always recommend dry cleaning in a specialized center.

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