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Article: The inevitable for the beach chosen by us

Outfit estate mare 2023

The inevitable for the beach chosen by us

The holidays are approaching and finally we too at OREQUO will find refreshment in some Italian seaside resort or with an exotic flavor. What will we pack for our 2023 beach outfits ?
Here is a small list of essentials compiled by our editorial staff to give you some more ideas. And we already know, latecomers will be breathing a sigh of relief...

I can't wait to wear my low -waisted sarong skirt over my bikini to stay on the beach until the last rays of the sun, between an aperitif by the sea and dinner directly at the lido!

I find it a super versatile, elegant and sexy garment that I can wear even when I'm still a little wet from the water because with the lightness of silk it adapts to the body and its movements!
I would match the turquoise patterned midi pareo skirt with a monochromatic bikini and a pair of golden sandals; to dance at sunset on the shore I would add a micro top and some colorful ethno necklaces!

Anna - Social Media Manager & Communication Specialist

Pareo skirt outfit summer 2023

For me the watchwords are practicality and color, so green light for light cotton or silk kimonos with relief or printed patterns. I love the extreme versatility of this garment that can be worn both as a cover-up and as a minidress once closed at the waist.

However, the undisputed protagonist is the bold accessory , worn as a real statement . Therefore, sunglasses with extravagant geometries and colors are essential to give a mysterious touch to days on the beach.

Federica - Communication & Marketing Specialist

OREQUO sunglasses

It's the must-have accessory for my holidays: with a scarf in my hair I face the day on the beach ! In my beach bag it's always present, fresh and colorful, to control unruly hair it's my salvation! I wear it as a headband or as a bandana and it immediately manages to make me feel tidy and at ease!

Not only combined with a bathing suit and flip flops though, the scarf accompanies me from morning to night ! For after dinner, in fact, it transforms into my precious ally when a little sea breeze rises and immediately becomes a comfortable and elegant silk shrug that goes well with all my outfits! On the other hand, a touch of color is always needed, at any time of the day!

Francesca - Senior Creative Director

OREQUO beach scarf

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