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Pocket handkerchiefs

The silk pocket handkerchief (or pochette) adds a touch of class and elegance to both feminine and masculine style, adorning jackets on formal or casual occasions. To be folded into the shape you prefer, among our collection it is possible to choose between mainly monochrome clutch bags or with more refined textures: real collector's items!

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12 products

Fazzoletto da taschino Estate OREQUO dettaglioFazzoletto da taschino Estate colore giallo
Pocket handkerchief Summer Sale price€50,00
Fazzoletto da taschino Autunno OREQUO dettaglioFazzoletto da taschino Autunno colore marrone
Pocket handkerchief Autumn Sale price€50,00
Spring pocket handkerchiefFazzoletto da taschino Primavera colore verde
Spring pocket handkerchief Sale price€50,00
Fazzoletto da taschino Inverno OREQUO dettaglioFazzoletto da taschino Inverno colore bianco
Pocket handkerchief Winter Sale price€50,00
Bagpipe pocket handkerchief Fazzoletto da taschino Cornamusa floreale colore verde salvia
Pocket handkerchief Ribeca Fazzoletto da taschino Ribeca colore bianco e verde bosco
Pocket handkerchief Ribeca Sale price€50,00
Clarsach pocket handkerchiefFazzoletto da taschino Clarsach floreale multicolore
Lute pocket handkerchiefFazzoletto da taschino Liuto floreale multicolore nero
Lute pocket handkerchief Sale price€50,00
Metropolitan Geometries Pocket SquareFazzoletto da taschino Metropolitan Geometries colore azzurro
Fazzoletto da taschino Moving Snails OREQUO dettaglioFazzoletto da taschino Moving Snails multicolore
Fazzoletto da taschino Rainbow Symphony OREQUO dettaglioFazzoletto da taschino Rainbow Symphony multicolore
Fazzoletto da taschino Strange Shape OREQUO dettaglioFazzoletto da taschino Strange Shape multicolore