Pocket handkerchief Ribeca


Pocket handkerchief made in silk twill and hemmed by hand.

In shades of white and forest green, the Ribeca pocket handkerchief represents a bowed instrument of oriental origin that was used to accompany and perform dance tunes and popular music. The image represents a lynx playing the rebec among vermilion red and purple calla leaves and flowers.

To wear for a casual chic look .

  • White and forest green print. Floral depictions
  • Hand rolled edges
  • Logo "Orequo"
  • 100% silk twill
  • Produced in Italy

Size: 31 x 31cm

The materials used to make our accessories are carefully chosen in respect of the Italian textile tradition.

Silk twill is a precious fabric which, thanks to its particular texture, allows the brilliance of the colors to stand out.

To maintain the beauty of the article over time, we always recommend:
- dry clean in a specialized centre
- use specific detergents for delicates and silk
- iron with a cold iron because the heat ruins the texture of the silk fabric.

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