Clarsach pocket handkerchief


Pocket handkerchief made in silk twill and hemmed by hand.

Pink tones and multicolored flowers, the Clarsach pocket handkerchief is inspired by the main ornamental motifs of the Art Nouveau style which creates a fairytale atmosphere. A monkey plays a clarsach, a Celtic harp, surrounded by pansies.

An important element to combine with a suit in warm and sandy tones.

  • Pink print with multicolored floral depictions
  • Hand rolled edges
  • Logo "Orequo"
  • 100% silk twill
  • Produced in Italy

Size: 31 x 31cm

The materials used to make our accessories are carefully chosen in respect of the Italian textile tradition.

Silk twill is a precious fabric which, thanks to its particular texture, allows the brilliance of the colors to stand out.

To maintain the beauty of the article over time, we always recommend:
- dry clean in a specialized centre
- use specific detergents for delicates and silk
- iron with a cold iron because the heat ruins the texture of the silk fabric.

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