What is the availability of the objects published on the site?

All items for sale on our Orequo.com e-boutique are available. If you wish to order large quantities, please contact our Customer Service by phone or e-mail.

How to optimally browse the Orequo.com website? 

In order to make your experience on Orequo.com as pleasant as possible, we recommend using the latest version of your browser. If you visit our website with a previous version, we cannot guarantee the full usability of all the features. Please note that the browser must accept cookies and must be compatible with the SSL system.

Are the colors of the articles on the website perfectly realistic?

Each item is photographed with the aim of bringing out its details and quality. As a result, we show the actual colors. However, the colors may vary slightly from one computer to another.


What are the delivery times?

Delivery times start from the confirmation of the order received by e-mail. Delivery times correspond to 2 working days for all orders placed before 14.00 GMT + 1 and 3 working days for all orders placed after 2.00 pm GMT + 1.If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service by phone at +39 0287189882 or by e-mail at customercare@orequo.com or by going to the "Contacts" section.

Can you deliver the package to my mailbox?

For security reasons, each Orequo.com package is delivered personally to the recipient. Packages will not be left in mailboxes.

Is a signature required for the delivery of my order?

The recipient's signature is required to collect the package.


How can I return or replace an item purchased on Orequo.com? 

You have the option to return any product ordered on Orequo.com within thirty (30) calendar days from the delivery date to request replacement or refund. Returned products must be accompanied by the respective purchase invoice, or, in case of partial return, by a copy. 

The return of a product, in case of replacement or refund request, is offered using our free home collection service for returns, calling Orequo Customer Service to agree on the date and time of collection of the goods to be included within 14 days from the date of receipt of the return declaration.Alternatively, you can send, by post or courier, the product you intend to return, within 14 days from the communication of the intention to make the return.

How long will it take for me to be reimbursed?

We strive to process repayments as quickly as possible. Your refund will be made within 15 working days of receiving your return at our warehouse.


How can I get assistance to place an order?

Please contact Customer Service by phone at +39 0287189882 or by e-mail at customercare@orequo.com or by going to the "Contacts" section. Our Customer Service is available from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 7 pm.

How can I change the order I just placed?

Please contact Customer Service by phone at +39 0287189882 or by e-mail at customercare@orequo.com or by going to the "Contacts" section. Our Customer Service is available from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 7 pm.

I have just finalized the order but have not received any confirmation yet

It may happen that the confirmation is sent a few minutes after placing the order. Check anyway in your "Spam" folder: the e-mail could be in this folder based on the settings of your e-mail account. If you have not received any e-mail, please contact Customer Service.

Can I change or cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel or change your order, please send an email as soon as possible to customercare@orequo.com. We will do our best to satisfy your request. Once the order has been set up and processed to proceed with the delivery, we will no longer be able to guarantee its cancellation or modification.


What are the accepted payment methods on Orequo.com?

Payment for purchases is made solely by credit or bank card: Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Maestro®. It is necessary to indicate the number of the credit or bank card, as well as the expiration date and the verification code in the appropriate page. Payment through Paypal is authorized throughout Europe.

Is the payment secure?

All transactions made on the Orequo.com website are secure. The presence of a padlock next to the address of the page that starts with "https" indicates that you are in a safe environment.Thanks to the 3DSecure system, the security of payments made with Visa® and MasterCard® cards is further enhanced by the payment methods "Verified by Visa®" and "MasterCard® SecureCode". More information on the 3DSecure system is available in the "What is 3DSecure?" How can I pay with this system? "Furthermore, Orequo has implemented security measures to protect personal information disclosed from any unauthorized access and use. However, it should be kept in mind that data transmission on the Internet is never 100% safe and that any information communicated online can potentially be collected and used by people other than the intended recipients. 

Do you accept international payment cards?

We accept international credit cards; however, when placing the order, you must enter the international billing address linked to your credit card.

Can I make an order with a bank card that is not mine?

Yes; in this case we invite you to enter the billing address associated with this card.

When will the amount be charged on the credit card?

No amount will be charged on the card until the order has been validated. However, it is possible that a part of the amount is already pre-authorized at the time the order is confirmed.

What is the meaning of my credit card security code?

This code will be requested upon placing the order. This is a unique code that makes online card payments secure and that appears:- either on the back of the credit card, in the signature field. It consists of 3 digits (eg: Visa or MasterCard);- or on the front, above your card number. In this case it consists of 4 digits (eg: American Express card). 

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