How should be the perfect look for a wedding

The figure of the maid of honor dates back to the ancient Egyptians: when a group of chosen maidens dressed as the bride to protect her from external attacks and to deter those who tried to prevent the wedding. A tradition, that of the bridesmaid, which is handed down to the present day, changing little by little its functionality. Depending on the country, the number of bridesmaids can change at the discretion of the bride and the local culture.

But what should guests wear to a ceremony?

If the wedding takes place in the morning in summer, the ideal colors are pastel: powder, light blue, sugar paper, sage green, powder grey, and mauve. If it’s an informal ceremony, you can opt for varied motifs, such as floral or polka dot patterns. The animalier patterns, instead, are highly discouraged. Dresses are best not overly covered with sequins or crystals. You can also wear a suit with a top and trousers or a medium-length simple dress but avoid very casual fabrics such as denim or linen. If the daytime ceremony is formal, it is better to opt for a skirt, a cocktail dress, or on special occasions, it is also recommended to wear a long dress.

If the ceremony takes place in the morning in winter, a jumpsuit, long or blazer dresses or evergreen suits are a good choice. All can be combined with long coats or outerwear, as long as they are matched with the rest of the outfit. The fabrics to be used are wool, cashmere, tweed, or velvet. Colors with darker and more intense shades are recommended, such as grey, dove-grey, purple, burgundy, powder, or emerald green.

In summer evening ceremonies, pay attention to the length of the dress that should be as formal as possible, so both the long dress and the medium-long cocktail dress are perfect. You can also select a jumpsuit with palazzo trousers in light fabrics, such as silk, chiffon, crepe, or satin. Bright colors are recommended, for example, fuchsia, antique pink, electric blue, emerald green, Tiffany blue, but also floral or geometric prints could bring a touch of vivacity and elegance.

Finally, for winter evening ceremonies, we propose long dresses, in organza or lace, with long sleeves, a wide, soft, or straight skirt, a cocktail dress or a crop top with palazzo pants matched with a jacket. Warm and elegant fabrics are recommended, such as cashmere, vicuna wool, taffeta, or gabardine. You can choose stronger colors, such as the bluette, the navy, the burgundy, the quartz green, the octane, and the black, but only if embellished with colorful accessories.

Guests should try to avoid the white color, as it is reserved only for the bride. Another color to avoid is red, because it would be too bold, and flashy and would obscure the real protagonist, namely the bride.

Among the most elegant and chic dresses for weddings, we propose the wrap dress, the midi dress, the slip dress, or a classic wedding suit.

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