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Article: Summer ideas for gathered and semi-gathered hair

Capelli raccolti foulard

Summer ideas for gathered and semi-gathered hair

With the rising temperatures, the hair moving like sea waves, the agenda full of evening appointments and ceremonies of all kinds and occasions, it becomes almost essential to manage the hair quickly and chicly through updos or semi-updos . 

Whether you are familiar with hair styling or simply want to have fun playing with the look of your hair, we reveal a list of easy summer hairstyles with an extremely impactful result to achieve with the help of a very romantic ally: the scarf . 



Low tail with scarf

Probably among the easiest styling to reproduce , the high or low ponytail is ideal for gradually approaching seeing your face framed in a different way than usual.
Simply gather your hair into a high or low ponytail depending on your preference, let a few soft tufts fall over your face and tie your favorite scarf around the elastic to hide it underneath. If you have short hair and you don't want the scarf to overhang the length of your hair, opt for a playful twilly : the result will be equally romantic! 



Scarf braid Pinterest via Oh! My Mag

If you want to boost your post-beach style by recreating an exotic and mysterious allure , this second option will be able to amaze everyone. We won't lie, it takes some dexterity, but we're sure that after a few tries, you'll get a sexy and captivating braid .
Tie your scarf at the beginning of the braid and continue by dividing your hair into two strands. From here, begin to weave the two tufts with the scarf, remembering to tie it at the end as well; otherwise you can always opt to let it fall softly through your gorgeous hair. 



Scarf bun
Pinterest via Oh! My Mag

Particularly suitable for the look of a guest at formal ceremonies , the low chignon goes incredibly well with bright silk scarves in pastel tones. Wrap the chignon between the scarf (or twilly) loosening the final part which will fall gracefully on your shoulders. 



Hair band scarf

As well as the high or low tail, this type of hairstyle is one of the simplest in terms of implementation; versatile, fresh and irredeemably trendy .
Leave your hair down, fold the scarf into a triangle, continue and lay it on the forehead starting from the widest edge. Knot the two ends at the nape of your neck and you're done! 

We are unable to resist any of these four tendencies. And you, which is your favourite? Write us in the comments 💖

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