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Article: Around Bologna with Francesca - Episode II

Arco Meloncello Bologna

Around Bologna with Francesca - Episode II

Bolognese DOC, lover of art and literature. Francesca Fanti, Senior Creative Director of the OREQUO brand , brings with her the magic of the stories that have inspired her since she was a child. As on a blank canvas, Francesca reinvents the stories she loved in her own way, giving life to original, impactful and vivid illustrations , which she decided to imprint on the softness of silk.
Her creativity is the direct reflection of her being: kind, light, romantic. 

Let's find out where he decided to take us today... 

The city of Bologna is a constant in your life...

Bologna is a reality capable of making you feel you are always in the right place, at any time. Being a crossroads for those who travel, study or work due to its position, Bologna has always been a city ready to share and be shared.
A miniature metropolis, small in size, but full of details and facets. And perhaps this is precisely why Bologna educates you in detail, in lingering and paying attention to those nuances that can bring you back to a moment, a sensation, a thought and a memory.
Bologna, for Orequo, is a bit like Proust's Madeleine , capable of unexpectedly evoking through colours, sounds, smells and flavours, old tales from which one can only draw inspiration.

Where did you decide to take us today?

Under the longest portico in the world, the Portico di San Luca.  

Porticoes San Luca Bologna
Portico leading to San Luca

Which work of art, architecture or landscape of this city do you find a recurring feature of your creativity?

The Porticos define and enclose the city. They have become an integral part of the life of everyone who passes through the city. Below you can share moments, thoughts and memories.
And creativity, for Orequo, can only be inspired by the stories and images enclosed within these arches, so protective and so rich in all the stories of those who have walked there or stopped to chat, think and dream.  

Francesca Fanti HOURS
Francesca Fanti, Senior Creative Director

Since I was a child I have loved stories . Is there one in particular that is linked to this place ?  

Not one in particular, but the story of all those now historic shops that were hidden right under the arcades. Drugstores, confectioneries, bars, dairies, stationers, framers... each one, behind its small window and the shade of the portico, contained the stories of the objects that intertwined with the stories of the people. The shops were perhaps the social media of the time, where generations met, people stopped to chat, observe and share.  

Top and Skirt Strelitzia
Francesca wears Strelitzia Top and Skirt

Which OREQUO collection would best represent this place?

Botteghe is the Orequo collection that I see as most linked to Bologna, because inspired by Mitelli's Gioco dei Mestieri, it is a dive into the history of the city, into its characters who used to meet under the arcades or at the corners of the alleys.
Botteghe, however, is also the colors of a lively and delicate, friendly and welcoming city, which envelops, surprises and embraces, making the echo of the nuances of all those who for one reason or another travel through Bologna for a while of their way.  

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