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Article: The caftan is the summer dress code

Caftano moda estate

The caftan is the summer dress code

Born in Persia around 600 BC , the caftan boasts a millenary presence in the culture of costume and fits perfectly with contemporary fashion , becoming an absolute must-have. With a boho-chic flavor typical of the 60s and 70s in which it was combined with extra-large glasses and long braided hair, the kaftan conquers more and more women thanks to its energetic colors and refined patterns. And not just to be worn at the beach .  

Kaftan article 1 Caftan in blue coralline silk

The caftan is an undisputed icon of summer. Revisited with respect to the traditional male version which assimilates it to a tunic, the caftan proposed by recent fashion collections retains its cut and flared sleeves, but suggests a new and "city" use. Worn as a minidress, blouse or very long down to the feet, it gives a touch of a Diva despite the apparent simplicity which, on the other hand, manages to enhance all bodyshapes.  

Kaftan article 2 Lute silk caftan

To be combined in combination with slave sandals or adorned with gems, hoop earrings and an important collier, the caftan becomes a fun substitute for evening dresses . The fabric must certainly be precious, preferably in silk .  

Caftan article 3 Bagpipe silk caftan

Where to get some inspiration from?
The undisputed Queen is the Hollywood Diva Elizabeth Taylor who with her sartorial kaftans combined with dream jewels has fascinated the fashion world - and beyond. Liz Taylor has been able to distinguish herself with her refined and never banal style, in constant evolution and discovery . An essential gift, even today!

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