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Article: SOS formal dress: guide for the guest

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SOS formal dress: guide for the guest

If you have come this far it means that that fateful paper or digital letter has arrived: you have been invited to what will be the most beautiful day of your dearest affection.
We already know that your first concern fell on the question "... so how do I dress?" : given the importance of the anniversary, you feel compelled to be perfect, elegant, but also comfortable to better face the celebrations.

Don't worry, we're here for you with some advice!

First of all check if a dress code to follow is suggested in the letter of participation. If this were not requested by the two spouses, green light to imagination and creativity!

For a wedding that takes place on a hot summer morning, the ideal colors could be pastels : from powder pink to light blue, baby blue, sage green, dusty gray and mauve . You can also opt for varied motifs such as floral patterns; animal motifs, on the other hand, we strongly advise against.
And if the ceremony is enlivened by a pleasant evening breeze , it is possible to "dare" more with bright colors such as fuchsia, antique pink, electric blue, avocado green and Tiffany blue.
Both the long dress and the medium-long cocktail dress or a suit with palazzo pants in light fabrics such as silk, chiffon or satin are perfect.

Long dress in Ribeca silk, detail

For ceremonies that take place in winter , a suit, long dress, blazer or evergreen suit are always a good choice. The fabrics to use are wool, cashmere, tweed or lace for a more sensual touch. Colors with darker and more intense shades such as cornflower blue, dove grey, purple, are highly recommended. teal, burgundy or emerald green .
Given the essentiality of the textures, this season dare more with jewels and important accessories, to show off as a real statement!

Esperanza cotton shirtdress

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