Harlequin silk scarf


Square scarf with Harlequin print made of hand-hemmed silk twill.

Inspired by the Commedia dell'Arte , it represents the freest and most audacious mask, associated with the energy of the hummingbird and the charm of exotic flowers.
In a mix of colors, a brilliant emerald green stands out which gives a touch of elegance to shine from morning to night.

  • Emerald Green Harlequin Print
  • Hand-rolled contrasting white edges
  • Logo "Orequo"
  • 100% silk
  • Made in Italy

Dimensions: 90 x 90cm or 140 x 140cm

The hem is rolled by hand, respecting the charming tradition of the ancient tailors. For this reason the size of the silk scarf may vary.

The materials used to make our scarves are carefully chosen in accordance with the Italian textile tradition.

Silk twill is a precious fabric which, thanks to its particular texture, allows the brilliance of the colors to stand out.

To maintain the beauty of the garment over time it is always recommended to:
- dry clean in a specialized centre;
- use specific detergents for delicates and silk;
- iron with a cold iron because the heat ruins the texture of the silk fabric.

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