Clarsach stole


Clarsach stole in pure printed silk, hand-hemmed, rectangular shape.

Surrounded by pansies, magical spring flowers, a monkey plays this small format stringed instrument with enchanting notes. Symbol of a harmonious past full of sweet memories, this shawl is particularly romantic and refined.

The soft pink background is inflamed by red, purple and blue corollas capable of lighting up total black or monochrome looks.

Available in two variants.

  • Clarsach print in pastel pink, purplish red, purple and electric blue
  • Hand hemmed edges
  • Orequo logo
  • 100% silk twill or double face 100% silk 100% cashmere
  • Made in Italy

Dimensions: 70 x 180cm

Shawl available in two variants:
- 100% pure silk, a precious fabric that enhances the brilliance of the colours. The hems are hemmed by hand by Italian tailors.

- 100% silk twill on one side and 100% cashmere on the other with double face design. The combination of the two fabrics was conceived respecting the delicacy of both materials, thus creating a product that stands out for its lightness and softness, but at the same time warm and enveloping.

Handmade Made in Italy.
To keep the beauty of the object unaltered over time, we always recommend dry cleaning in a specialized centre.

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